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Lamborghini Only Edition 1

A rally organised together with Lamborghini Geneva, held in September 2021. Only dedicated to Lamborghini Supercars.

Being a weekend rally, the route chosen was, Montreux - Milan - Garda Lake.
An all included experience, with a pre-planned route, luxury 5-star hotels, gourmet dinners, lunch stops and even luggage transport service allowing to drive a supercar and not compromise on the amount of personal luggage, to allow a worry free journey. What a spectacular rally that was, one is when there are 15 supercars driving in a convoy and two is when there are 15 Lamborghini’s, driving all together, be it a mountain pass or a motorway.
We really can not wait for Edition 2 of the Lamborghini Only rally in 2022.

Rally Aftermovie

Rally Gallery

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