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since  2017

Originated in Switzerland and represented in Monaco “The Torque Rally” is an exclusive community of supercar owners and car collectors spread throughout Europe. Members benefit from a network of like-minded individuals gathered all around the year in different venues, events, and rallies


Lambroghini Genève Tour by Torque Rally Edition 4
Sep 4, 2024
Torque Rally 6th Summer Edition 2025
Jul 10, 2025
Torque Rally Challenge Monaco Edition 2025
Apr 14, 2025

At the Torque Rally, we redefine automotive event experience.

Supercars on a private airstrip
Supercars in a parking lot of a luxury hotel
Supercars on the road
Supercars on an Italian motorway
Supercars on a scenic road

Torque Rally isn't just another car event or community. It's a carefully curated journey, woven from the fabric of thrill, high-end comfort, and companionship.

We believe in doing everything at 110% and we’ve brought the same philosophy to Torque, providing the most high quality experiences for all our clients and memebers whether they are after adrenaline, luxury, adventure or just meeting great people

These brands help us create our rallies.

The Torque Rally provides a platform for sponsors to gain high visibility within the supercar world with physical events and partnership programs. Our sponsors embody the spirit of adventure, the thrill of the drive, and the unity of our vibrant community. Get your brand in front of drivers who care about the luxury lifestyle.

The Torque Club

Exclusive events, reserved partner offers, and a place to discover meaningful connections within our community of supercar lovers.

Group of supercars on a scenic private racing track

Care to join us?

Supercar starting a race on a private airstrip

Unleash your inner child and enjoy the thrill of supercar driving with a taste of adventure, culture and community. Join our annual supercar rally, or any other of our supercar events, that are held through out the year