Torque Rally Challenge Monaco Edition 2025

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April 14, 2025
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April 16, 2025

New date! Unveiling the "Torque Rally Challenge - Monaco Edition" This isn't just another spin through Monaco and the Riviera. We're stepping it up, introducing unexpected challenges sprinkled along the path. Dive deep into curated adventures set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the region.

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Enjoy driving your high-performance vehicle on routes carefully chosen for their scenic and driving appeal. We plan our routes to find the most enjoyable driving roads, gas stops and high-speed freeways for filming, pictures and group driving.

Aerial view of supercars driving on a scenic road
Aerial view of a luxurious hotel with pool

Luxurious accommodation

Relax in the rarest, most special hotels, restaurants, and clubs. We carefully chose the destinations, picking the most exquisite and lavish venues for our events. We work together with the local staff to make every minute of our your stay special and cater to all your needs to give you the ride of a lifetime.

Unique experiences

Live an incredible journey, on and off the track. Race on private rented airport airstrips or tracks. Dine in the best restaurants: experience haute cuisine and wine tasting events. Party in exclusive clubs and yachts.

Supercar racing on a private strip in the desert
People enjoying a good time together

A family of supercar lovers

Build long-lasting relationships with other participants. During our events you’ll never fill alone: whether driving, filling up your car, dining or partying everyone will always be by your side.

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